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Power BI - Executive Overview

As a CEO or Sales Executive or Business Owner of a company, you must eager to have a visibility on how are your company's doing. You need a helicopter view on your company's data. This Executive Overview dashboard will help you to do that. In a click away, you can get the real-time information regarding your sales value, comparison with last year, yearly comparison, sales target of your team to monitoring of your account receivable, balance sheet, and income statement analysis, wherever and whenever.

This sample below is interactive, feel free to click all the tiles and play around with the paramaters. 

Imagine that you are far away from your laptop or PC but you need to check your sales activity or sales number or financial figure. With Power BI, you can check your report or dashboard through your mobile phone. It is literally information in your palm.

Power BI Mobile Home.jpg
Power BI Mobile Exe Overview 2.jpg
Power BI Mobile Exe Overview 3.jpg
Power BI Mobile Exe Overview 4.jpg
Power BI Mobile Exe Overview 5.jpg

Microsoft Power BI Mobile Apps can be downloaded from apps store (Android, iOS or Windows). 

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